Silent Scavenger Hunt

February 3, 2018

Location: ????, San Diego, CA

Race time: 2:00p-5:00p

Early Bird Registration: December 1-31, 2017 $35 per person

Regular Registration: January 1-31, 2018 $45 per person

Attire: Teams are encouraged to dress up and participate in our race costume contest.

First Place: $300
Second Place: $100
Third Place: Dinner for Two

Proceeds go to San Diego ASLTA's future community-wide ASL events.

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Put on your running shoes and grab a friend to put your speed and smarts to the test. Deaf Dare is an adventure race with a twist! Teams of 2 can register to compete against other teams to decode clues, which lead to various locations around San Diego and complete challenges. The twist? Competitors are not allowed to use their voice! The entire race must be completed using American Sign Language (ASL). The team that chooses the shortest path and completes all the challenges in the fastest time will win a cash prize!

Proceeds from this event will go toward SD ASLTA's future community-wide events which perserve, promote and celebrate ASL and Deaf Culture among individuals, in schools, and in communitites.

Register today! Registration closes on January 31, 2018 at 11:59 pm.


How to win:
Be the first team to successfully complete check-ins, dares and extra tasks with the most points without using their voices.

What You Win:
The team with the most points will win $300 cash. The second place team will win $100 cash and the third place team will win dinner for two. In the event of a tie, a sudden death trivia round will be used to determine the winner.

What to Bring:
Teams will need to use electronic devices to solve clues and find checkpoint locations. Competitors may not use their phones to make voice phone calls. Teams must bring at least one smartphone with camera abilities to the event.

What You Get:
Participants will each get a Deaf Dare bag. Inside will have clues to checkpoints and dares, a map of the area, items need to complete tasks, along with other goodies.

Be Advised:
Play at your own risk. This event is physically demanding. Please follow all traffic laws. Roads will not be blocked off for this event. Teams cannot hinder or otherwise block or sabotage other teams competing.

All rulings of the Deaf Dare Official will be final.

Q: What if our team can't find the checkpoint?

If you can't find the checkpoint, don't give up! Ask for help but don't use your voice. Communication in ASL and gesturing is highly encouraged! The clues will lead you in a general direction and you might stumble upon another team.

Q: Can I register without a partner?

Yes! Please contact us directly if you would like to register, but do not have a partner. We can connect you with other participants looking for a team.

Q: Can I volunteer?

Yes! We need volunteers for this event. Please click the Volunteer button below and sign up today!


DeafDare is looking for volunteers! If interested -- please register on the form below!

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1. I understand that the Event is an inherently dangerous activity that presents various mental and physical challenges.

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